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Are you an early-bird on Sunday mornings? When I first started volunteering in church media at the age of fifteen, my greatest joy of the week was being one of the first ones at church on Sunday mornings. It was a great time to spend with God as I plugged in all of my songs, backgrounds, and scriptures for service before the crowds started rolling in for Sunday School.

Since I’ve spent most of my church career being one of the first ones in the building, I’ve noticed that the time before service begins—Pre-Service—presents a really good opportunity to start communicating to your congregation. As people are finding their seat, catching their breath from getting their kids up and ready, and talking amongst themselves, you can use Announcement Slides to prepare them for service. I’ve used these on Sunday mornings since I first got involved in church media and they have consistently been effective over the years.

Below are a few examples of the kind of slides that we rotate on a loop before service begins each week. We also show them during the offering and on a flat-panel monitor that we have mounted in the lobby. The backgrounds that we have been using this fall season can be purchased together in an Announcement Pack from Centerline and are available as motions or still images. You’ll be able to use them in everything from PowerPoint to ProPresenter.

PS-Welcome PS-Website

PS-Event2 PS-Phone

PS-Facebook PS-Twitter

PS-Scripture PS-Tithe

As you can imagine, slides like this look much better than just a plain logo or a blank screen as people are walking in. Plus, the more that people see information, such as your upcoming events or ways that they can give online, the more likely they are to participate. You will be surprised how many new Facebook “likes” and new Twitter followers that you will pick up as you show these each week! (This is really great because you can then communicate announcements to them throughout the week.) Also, I highly recommend sharing the Scripture reference that your pastor will be preaching from during Pre-Service. This allows people to go ahead and have it ready in their Bibles or apps.

Slides like these require a minimal amount of time to put together and the benefit is huge. Plus, with packs like this, you’re able to purchase one set of backgrounds that will last for an entire season of announcements. Keep in mind that sticking with the general color scheme of these backgrounds will be key to making them look professional. You’ll also want to stick to the same (or at least similar) fonts such as Muncie and Wisdom Script that were used on these.

Does your church use Announcement Slides?


Kendall Conner is the founder of—a blog centered around making church media simple. He is a graphic designer, video editor, and all-around media geek. He has served as the creative pastor at Pathway Church of God in Baltimore, MD since 2009.

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