TCP: Quick Tips For Better Lyric Slides – Part 2

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Last time, we started a discussion about some quick tips that make a world of difference when you’re projecting lyrics. These slides have the potential to work right alongside your music team to lead people into worship, but also have the power to distract your whole congregation if done incorrectly. Needless to say – it’s worth the time to make them right! Here’s three more simple steps that will keep your lyrics looking good!

• Ditch The Slide Labels & Instructions
As both a designer and just a person who appreciates good visuals, this is a common problem that leaves me shaking my head every time that I see it. Sure, there is a certain amount of value that comes from including instructions and labels on your slides…but they look so ugly! Leave some room for your congregation to have some common sense and, trust me, they’ll figure out what’s going on without you having to spell out every detail.



• Consistent Font Sizes
One of the biggest questions that people ask me is what font size they should use on their slides. I typically prefer my lyrics as small as possible while not excluding those in the back of the room. This will vary from one church to the next based on screen size vs. room size, but I think it’s best to show as much background as possible. Whatever font size you choose, keep it consistent from slide-to-slide and song-to-song. Experiment and find out which size is right for your church and save it as a template that you can use each week. Jumping to different sizes can come off as messy and make you seem unprepared. (However, I do like to make a noticeable increase in font size on power slides that have a lot of emphasis in a song but not necessarily a lot of words. You’ll see this in the following tip.)

• Avoid Repeating Lines
It’s all about keeping it simple. Why have two lines if one will suffice? Why have four if two is all you need? If a song has a repeating line, cut one of them from your slide and show off that background! Not only does it look a lot cleaner, it portrays that the song is really easy to jump in to for those just coming in.



What are some other tips for better lyric slides?


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  1. Seth Rowoldt says:

    Hey man!
    Great post!
    One thing I always tell the new creators of our slides is to make the words easy to read on the screen. Don’t just type it all on there and leave it! Make it so I can read it and it isn’t a distraction to me worshipping.

    For example:

    Here’s what NOT to do
    How great is our God sing with
    How great is our God and all
    will see
    How great, how great is
    our God

    Here’s how it SHOULD look
    How great is our God
    sing with me
    How great is our God
    and all will see
    How great, how great
    is our God

  2. That’s so true, Seth! Keep up the good work! :)

  3. Marissa says:

    hey guys! one tip i learned recently is to make the text on each slide start on the same line in the text box, as much as possible. so when you move between slides that first line stays in the same place and doesn’t jump around.

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