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Five Tricks To Click With Confidence

Projecting worship lyrics on Sundays may not be the most exciting part of Church Media, but there's no doubt that it's important. It plays into what I consider one of the most essential responsibilities of the local church - going above and beyond to make it easy for people to get involved.

TCP: Quick Tips For Better Lyric Slides – Part 1

04C4440D-A97F-409B-BDBA-EBD0913D987E Projecting lyrics may not always be the most exhilarating part of Church Media, but there's no doubt that it provides a valuable service for those in the congregation. For the next several weeks, we'll be discussing some quick tips that are super easy to implement, but will make a big difference in your Sunday morning media. Check it out!

“Spread The Love” With Fresh Valentine’s Day Media!

Service_Pack_Love_1 The following post is by Kendall Conner at Is your church planning a love-themed service around Valentine's Day? Nothing communicates love to your audience better than the feeling of unity. Here's a quick preview of how we'll be using this content in our church. Hopefully it will spark some ideas for your service! Check it out!

tcp tip #3: fall-tastic announcement slides

TCP-Announcement_Slides The time before service begins presents a really good opportunity to start communicating to your congregation, and in the latest tip from The Creative Pastor, you'll learn how to use Announcement Slides! Announcements Pack: Fall Vol. 1 is used an example and is perfect for Fall and Thanksgiving! Check it out!

tcp tip #2: using mini-movies for transitions

TCP-Post-Mini_Movie_Transitions In this new tip from The Creative Pastor, you'll learn how to use mini-movies as transitions between elements in your worship service. Hopefully you'll be able to grab the attention of your congregation during these transitional times while also communicating a message that speaks to their hearts! Check it out!

TCP Tip #1: Using Multiple Backgrounds In A Song

21ba8fd968fd81db4b72a48f6e906fc6 In the first tip from The Creative Pastor, you'll learn about using multiple backgrounds within the same song (one for the verse and one for the chorus) and how Centerline Service Packs make this extremely easy! Be sure to come back each week for new tips on how to use our media! Check it out!

New Blog Feature: Tips From The Creative Pastor

TCP_Centerline_Ad_1 SmWe're launching a brand new feature to our blog this week that will hopefully be a help to you and how you use our media! We're partnering with The Creative Pastor, aka Kendall Conner, to bring you weekly church media tips. Read more...

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